This medium is war!

This guy ain't sleeping anytime soon

One interesting aspect of the internet is it is considered one of the most “human” media of all. This is due to its “social” functions in our lives such as Social Networking Sites (facebook, twitter, friendster, etc.), e-mail services, forums and many other things that connect people via the world wibe web. this aspect is generally referred to as the New Social Media. it basically connects people from all over the world, making the largest community the world has ever seen, comprising of basically just about everyone with an Internet connection and a computer. Of course if you lump all these people together, you’re bound to encounter one of the most bittersweet aspect of human life, conflict. This may be bad or good depending on the situation, and what’s better is it could even be funny at times.

Some people just can’t get along

Jejemons   VS   The Grammar Police

Grammar Police in Action

One of the most popular issue in the Philippines in the year 2010 and its not the elections.

People that tYpF LyK dizs are considered jejemons and is now a growing sensation here in the Philippines. They got their name from their signature laugh “Jejeje” and is hellbent on elongating words to make it “kewler”

The natural enemy of the jejemon are the Grammar Police. They enforce rules that govern how a language should be used. The reason for their hate is justified by their personality. Add in the fact that jejemonism is the exact opposite of minimalism, making the alteration of language detrimental instead of beneficial.

Trolls   VS   Anti Trolls

I actually believe that is what trolls look like in real life

An interesting match up. In the earlier match, the participants directly antagonize each other in hopes of shaming the other person enough that he or she will change her life. This fight requires a more strategic approach.

Trolls are commonly found in online discussions and forums. They post inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages with the intent to simply piss you off. Its what happens when you give a bored, pathetic and intellectually challenged being a computer and an internet connection.

It does sound annoying but a true troll killer will not reply with, “WTF!!!! STOP TROLLING!!! YOU @*&%#!”. The best thing to do when handling trolls is to simply ignore it and let it flame itself to death.  It can be a long and arduous process but that’s just about the only easy way to treat troll infestations.

There are two types of both sides. Trolls are either Pure Trolls or they are Trolls disguised as Anti Trolls. Pure Trolls insult you, the other insults the Pure Troll on your behalf. People will then cheer on the “Anti Troll” and you’ll have yourself a flame war in a couple of minutes. See the beauty of this strategy?

Anti trolls on the other hand are classified as those who do their job by doing nothing, and those who screw their job by doing something. Do not reply to the trolls. Doing so will make you a failure of an Anti Troll.

I already mentioned trolls in one of my blogs but I wanted to add a little more to it.

There are lots of other interesting Matchups out there is the world wide web. Can you think of others?

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15 Responses to This medium is war!

  1. KC says:

    Trolls are commonly found in online discussions and forums. They post inflammatory,extraneous, or off-topic messages with the intent to simply piss you off. Its what happens when you give a bored, pathetic and intellectually challenged being a computer and an internet connection.

    Yo, Lem! Only now have I learned the term to use to describe those people. While I was reading this part of your blog post, I immediately thought of Youtube video comments. I guess “trolls” are those people that would comment on any music video and compare the singer or band to the Jonas Brothers just so they can get into a heated discussion. Wonderful.

    Anti trolls on the other hand are classified as those who do their job by doing nothing, and those who screw their job by doing something. Do not reply to the trolls. Doing so will make you a failure of an Anti Troll.

    I couldn’t have said it any better. Like in a regular discussion, what a professional ought to do in situations like this is to keep the mouth shut and let the troll do the talking. Eventually the troll will end up getting tired. Same is true with the j3j3m0nz (f0wH).

    Another interesting online matchups could be “parinigan” via Facebook status messages. 😉 Although this can be a little tricky because a person can never be so sure that he or she is the target of that status message, and they are not a solid group of people but simply individuals who happened to have misunderstandings with others 🙂

    • melem1 says:

      Haha now you know what they’re called. You can search the internet on what they look like. I’m sure you’ll find it at least a bit interesting. Like I said, I already mentioned trolls in my last post. Maybe there’s some deep-rooted hatred inside me when it comes to trolls. I guess even if I did know how to handle them, doing it is a whole different thing. Some people are just too annoying.

      Didn’t think of “parinigan” until now. Guess my lack of experience in FB shows. There are a couple of things I’d like to point out in “parinigan”.

      1. More often than not, if you think you are that person posted in the wall, then you are that person.

      2. If you take Number 1 seriously and commented on the post, you fail. If it turns out you’re mistaken, you fail some more. (Go for a message if you really can’t help it.)

      3. If you post on your own wall just to be on the safe side, people will start to monitor your walls for updates.

      4. If you did number three, people will look at you with weird faces for a couple of weeks and you start to grow pimples.

      5. Number 3 is hilarious when its happening in real life.

      6. If you know someone suffering from Number 4, then you are a gossip.

      Just kidding 🙂

      Thank you for the post KC. God bless 🙂

      • Karen says:

        I find this reply funny. Lemuel, are you speaking from experience? HAHAHA. Way to go!

        BTW, I miss those days when the mention of the word “Troll” would remind me of those dolls with weird hair. The trolls we know today could really be annoying.

      • melem1 says:

        Haha from experience? Yes and no. It is from an experience, but not mine. And no, this is not a clever way to make myself clean and look cool 🙂

        Trolls. I was afraid of those dolls when I was a kid. Seriously. So they’re all bad to me XD

  2. galeaya says:

    Talking about trolls again, Lem? :3 Personally, I like trolls. They make forums more interesting, if only because they incite such hateful reactions from other people (claiming to be anti-trolls) who wish they were the first ones to troll that thread instead. And, of course, who doesn’t love [watching] flame wars erupt? XDD Ah, this is just proof that the internet is just as good as the people who use it, don’t you think?

  3. barrycade says:

    interesting discussion on trolls, but what’s in it for the OrCom practitioner? let’s make an effort to relate to our field so we can learn from it. you see, some things are nice to know, but are they really helpful?

    • melem1 says:

      I admit I wasn’t in Orcom mode when I made this post but if i must make a connection…

      Trolls get attention by doing something outrageous, whether people flame them until they get banned or other trolls show up and support them, the result doesn’t really matter. And this leads to their bad reputation in the net. Truth to be told, some trolls didn’t intend to be trolls in the first place. A troll status may be given to anyone as long as that person pushes a wrong button.

      Same thing with organizations. An organization that catches the eye of the people (whether by sheer luck or otherwise) should have plans to control that attention for the betterment of the company and not just rely on pure exposure to carry them to higher ground. With New Social Media, people have the power to monitor and talk about your company globally. This exponentially intensifies the need for organizations to know what these people want in order to make these people happy.

      A good example is the latest Naruto game for the PSP, “Naruto: Kizuna Drive”. It is a sequel to a “not-so-successful” Naruto game, “Naruto Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising”

      Making a sequel for a “fail” game is a bad move. It hints a lack of concern for customer feedback and not to mention, people will have a bad impression of the game even before it was released. But still, they made it.

      Maybe “they thought” that Naruto, being one of the most famous animes in the world, would sell no matter what package its in. When they released the demo, majority of the players all had one thing to say, “This is worse than AK. You die from being hit 4-5 times and enemies takes 20-25 hits to beat. Less characters than AR. They even added AI allies but they’re more of a burden than help. It takes about 40 minutes to beat the boss. You can’t use jutsus (had to insert them as combos instead). No versus mode. That’s it! This game is more frustrating and than challenging!” Let’s analyze this.

      Fail game——> Bad rep——> Low sales
      Worse sequel to a fail game——–> Abysmal rep——–> Insert estimation of sales here

      This may be a result of a lack of idea of the company of what their customers want and as a consequence, players and fans all over the world are bashing their product. The game was made a troll without even the intent to make it one. So communication people, communication is the key.

      Thank you for the reply sir 🙂

  4. slightlydillydallying says:

    With regard to your question about internet match ups, I would say Facebook wars would count as an example. Don’t you just love tracking those hate Wall posts? Kidding aside, I think these things happen over the Internet because humans have the natural tendency of being defensive (and some are just simply, war freaks). Even Hollywood celebrities use Twitter to express angst (i.e. Kim Kardashian).

    • melem1 says:

      Yes they could count as examples. Haha honestly, I’ve never tracked those hate wall posts. Guess I’d try that sometime in the future.

      In the case of humans being defensive, I say their “defensive stances” manifests into offensive actions. As they say, good offense is the best defense. Hit them hard enough so they can’t hit you. What do I mean by this?

      You post a hate post in your wall. This post is actually aimed at someone and your purpose is for that person to feel bad about your post when they read it [concept of pagpaparinig (KC, 2010)]. Even if it looks like you’re on the defensive (posting on your wall instead of that person’s), you just unleashed a strategic attack on that person and they can’t simply defend themselves because that would make them look guilty. The best they can do is to post a message aimed at you and catch the attention of people who know you.

      And as you said, even Hollywood celebrities use Twitter to express angst.

      Thanks for the comment Diane 🙂

  5. jody odrial says:

    Your analysis is true. Now I know that those irritating people who posts out-of-this-world topics in interesting and intellectual threads all of a sudden are actually called trolls. Yeeha.

    As people are able to get closer in the Internet, chances of emerging conflicts rise. Just like how we have to adjust our temper and patience to the most cantankerous person there is in our small group, groups in the Internet have people who drain our patience. But then, groups are very interesting as always. 🙂

    P.S. Now I know why my comments did not get to appear here! Hmpf! Sayang!

    • melem1 says:

      Hi Jody. Yes. They’re called trolls and they exist. Let’s defend the Internet from them.

      Haha “cantankerous”, such a big word. I agree that patience is one thing we need right now. As is openness. But its hard to not be annoyed by people who want to be annoying. Guess we just have to accept the fact that there are many kinds of people in this world. Let’s find perfection in imperfection.

      And why did you your comments not appear? 🙂

  6. villongco says:

    jejemons exist to annoy us. hahaha… aside from their sP3szHElle (special) language, their degree of aestheticism is obsurd as they are able to wear the entire color whell in one outfit!!! and their enemy is not only the grammar police, the facebook community hates them… facebook people say “pang friendster lang sila” making me think, are there specific social networking sites for specific social classes???

    *wink wink

    • melem1 says:

      Hahaha pang mahirap ang friendster at pang mayaman ang facebook. XD

      This is what I call a pseudo reality that gave facebook the upperhand. I guess another good conflict is Friendster VS Facebook. I honestly do not see how Friendster got the title of “for the poor” in itself. Maybe its just the people that uses it. the impressino that friendster is for jejemons drove people out of it.

      I can’t understand jejemon language at all. I believe it requires some kind of talent to be able to pull it off. In that respect we can say that being a jejemon is not equatable to being stupid (Crosses fingers in defense of torches and pitchforks)

  7. What I hate most about the presence of trolls in the discussion is the fact that need not fear face-to-face confrontation online. This makes it easy for them to say whatever to whomever on the net. As I always say, “show and prove”. The internet has made it possible however to just “show”. Trolls should grow some balls and put their money where their mouth is.

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