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Valkyria Chronicle is Going Mainstream

Valkyria Chronicles is a tactical role-playing game published by Sega, developed by their Sega WOW division exclusively for the Playstation 3. It was released in Japan on April 24, 2008. A European version was then released on October 31, 2008, … Continue reading

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The Perfect Storm

In my last post, I’ve analyzed how the interplay between people, technology and formal and informal networks yields the organizational culture. It was focused on what was happening inside the organization so its now time for the other side of … Continue reading

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Zooming in on Organizational Culture and New Social Media

Let’s start with a simple model shall we? This is a part of the Organizational culture model made by our Orcom 152 instructor. It tells us that organizational culture exists in the interplay between people, technology, and formal and informal … Continue reading

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Wikism: The Myth of a Phenom

Wiki is definitely one of the most famous sites in the internet. It is basically a site that allows easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages (wikipedia). And its free as far as I know. And … Continue reading

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