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SoulMate: We’ll be together in the end.

There are somethings in life that we won’t be able to miss out. Some experience them earlier than others, some take their time, sometimes you might even be surprised.When this happens, we at SoulMate want to make sure that we’ll … Continue reading

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Even if you win; you’re still a retard

I’ve come across a lot of discussions about organizational conflict during the past years of my study in organizational communication. It’s not that much of a surprise that its one of the most common research topic every year. Not only … Continue reading

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Blogging Blues: This is not a Rant

Being required to blog can be a real pain. I should know… (Sentences omitted for security of grade). Not only is it tedious, it can give you a sense of impending doom, especially when deadlines draws near. (Sentences omitted again … Continue reading

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Pass the Message: A rather simple blog for a little exercise

Let’s make this even simpler: Send a message to a group of people People who receive it will pass it on to others They’ll then send the message to other people to make them send the message and the cycle … Continue reading

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Epic Fails: Internet slapstick at its finest.

Before reading this, here’s a picture worth your time. Epic fail pictures are quite the uncelebrated treasures of the internet. Ever since I started using the Internet, epic fail pictures have always put a smile on my face. Epic fails … Continue reading

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Pulling the Reigns on Social Media Use

“Slow and steady”. This could very well be one of the weird thingsĀ  you could ever think about when starting a business these days. With the advent of the new social media era, companies are now able to communicate with … Continue reading

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Why go for cult? Fandom Madness

When you want to sell a product you’d most likely want to advertise or promote it to as many people as you can so you’ll get more sales. This is not such a bad thing mind you but in this … Continue reading

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