Epic Fails: Internet slapstick at its finest.

Before reading this, here’s a picture worth your time.

Epic fail pictures are quite the uncelebrated treasures of the internet. Ever since I started using the Internet, epic fail pictures have always put a smile on my face.

Epic fails are basically images or videos of some people/animal/inanimate objects/fictious beings/everything else that are put into situations where they do something out of sheer stupidity. In its purest form, it is the slapstick of the internet; people make fun of the humiliation and pain of other people. How have this phenomenon shaped the internet landscape?

Acting like an idiot catches attention more than acting cool.

Getting a bad rep in the net can potentially be irreversible

This makes you vulnerable to other companies’ attacks

It can hurt your organization in a lot more ways than one.

Your company will look like an idiot

It will ultimately result to less consumers for you because of the implied incompetence you’re company has earned in the net.

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9 Responses to Epic Fails: Internet slapstick at its finest.

  1. villongco says:

    this is a nice break from all the serious blogs i’ve been reading. 🙂 finally, something that is fun!!! i remember something similar to this, i think it was called failblog… there’s always so much fun at laughing at other’s misery (if it isn’t that serious… i’m not that bad!!! 🙂 ). and this is a side of internet that i love… internet has brought us so much humor!!!

  2. Grace says:

    There is so much humor on the internet if you know where to look. Failblog.com is actually a goldmine of things like the stuff you’ve posted above. I love how the internet can provide us with things that can get the stressful stuff out of our minds, even for a little while. 🙂

    • melem1 says:

      I wouldn’t be surpirsed if 95% of the people who use the Internet is in it for fun. I have to admit, I didn’t know of failblog until i received these comments. Time for some Epic Fail Pics Hunting. Given that thought, companies should be able to use this to their advantage in promotions and even PR. 🙂

      Thanks Ate Grace 🙂

  3. Franze says:

    Epic Fail. *snickers* My friends and I have an inside joke about that one.
    Anyways, most of the Epic Fail pics I see online are about people, not organizations. But then again, maybe it’s because I haven’t looked hard enough for Epic Fail demotivational posters focusing on Fail!Brands. These pics get circulated around the Internet a lot, and therefore companies should be on the lookout if they’ve become the next hot Demotivational online. It’s epic hilarity (and epic horror) if it’s your organization now becoming synonymous to ‘EPIC FAIL!’.

  4. Epic fails are funny. I always laugh at them, however; I cannot help but wonder if some of them are fabricated. Or if there really are people who spend all their time looking for pictures they can label “EPIC FAIL”. It seems to be a very sad life to me.

    But it’s not surprising that these are being spread in the net. As I have mentioned in one of my blogs. Actual social problems have a way of translating themselves over to the digital world. For this instance, it’s the people’s fondness for making fun of other people. In short, a lot of people are bullies at heart. Haha!

  5. I love epic fail pictures. But what I think makes them a whole lot funnier are the captions attached to them. So I guess it is a matter what context the picture is in that makes it funny or funnier.

    I guess the same can be said for organizations. Epic fails can be devastating, neutral, even probably beneficial to an organization, depending on how they frame and attack the situation.

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