Blogging Blues: This is not a Rant

Being required to blog can be a real pain. I should know… (Sentences omitted for security of grade). Not only is it tedious, it can give you a sense of impending doom, especially when deadlines draws near. (Sentences omitted again for the safety of blogger’s grade). In it’s purest form, it’s not really something for one without the inclination towards it.

This is not a rant mind you. I just needed to let out some emotions in the first part. Now for an objective view of my blogging experience for the past five months or so. I’ve found some basic blogging rules every (regular/someone who wants to update frequently)blogger should know.

Do not cram. We’ve heard this so many times but most of us don’t really appreciate this valuable lesson. Cramming is not only bad for your health, it also greatly reduces the quality of the blogs you will release. Evidence: Just browse through all my blogs. You’ll see the evolution of quality and the changes in the frequency of blogging during the past few months.

This is especially important to keep in mind while doing corporate blogs. You cannot afford to make a half-baked blog about your company because you have to make ends meet. If you ask me, its better not to blog at all if you can’t regularly blog useful blogs for your company. Worse, bombarding people with pointless blogs are just going to hurt your company and nothing more.

Stay relevant. Read my posts. I know, I’m all over the place. This really isn’t something an average blogger should worry about but if you plan to manage a couple of subscribers, its pretty important to stay on topic or in character. People read your blogs because they are interested in it or on you. If you constantly change your identity every two posts or so, it might cause a confusion as to what your deal really is. This may be unappealing for some of your followers.

The same with corporate blogging. Consumers don’t want to be confused and organizations should take it upon themselves to remain organized and consistent with their blogs. This helps people develop a relationship with your blog and essentially, your brand.

Blog entertaining. Wit and humor are one of the fundamental elements of a blog. Though as unfair as it would seem at times, but really, a blog in a text book language would drive people away from it like wild fire. People have very limited attention span that you have to work your way around as a blogger.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be a stand up comedian to do this especially when you’re making a corporate blog. Write something down that would put a smile or a smirk on you’re reader’s face. Make reading you’re blog be worth their time. Serious humor. Remember that.

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8 Responses to Blogging Blues: This is not a Rant

  1. starrylines says:

    yes, i’ll remember these, Lem, especially since I’m considering to keep my blog even after this requirement. i know it’ll help me in the future. Though I’m not really aiming for many subscribers, I know these tips will help me be a responsible blogger.:D It’s also good to be reminded of how we would want our readers to feel especially if we would be blogging for our organizations in the near future, as what I’ve also mentioned in one of my posts:

    And I sure hope that in those coming times, we would not be making half-baked blog posts! πŸ˜€

    • melem1 says:

      You’re going to continue blogging? Congratulations; you’ve just made it to my list of awesome people I know. Hehe kidding aside; I can’t continue this blog even if you pay me for it. Maybe it takes some kind of talent or something. Well first thing you need in continuing a blog is the motivation for it. I believe you already have the right mindset of continuing your blog not as a requirement but something you enjoy. I hope your blogging goes well Sharyl πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Lem! I think these “rules” are great! Just allow me to add one more tiny bit to this list based on my experience:

    Blog for a purpose. That purpose could be anything. You could entertain, pursuade, inform, express, etc. And I believe that when we have that in mind when we write, our blog entries will sound more coherent and will have more value to our readers. πŸ™‚

    • melem1 says:

      Nice suggestion Kuya Eric! That will also draw people with a more “specific” purpose for reading your blog. People who read blogs to be entertained will definitely stick to your blog if you constantly blog about things that are supposed to entertain your readers. It may go hand-in-hand with the “stay relevant” rule. Stay relevant with you topic AND purpose.

      Thanks πŸ™‚

  3. gj says:

    it’s hard to disagree with you there lem, and I must say that your entries are entertaining, i like the pics, lol – and relevant, parlty i think because we have this task in common. as to the cramming part, it’s hard to tell. hmmmm… so lem, do you walk the talk when you say no to cramming? haha

  4. blahblahblogsheet says:

    I agree! Balanced content and form. πŸ™‚ But honestly, Number one is hard to take in. haha. Maybe if it isn’t a requirement, then we wouldn’t be cramming. Since it is, then you know. πŸ™‚ I agree with them, you’re blog post are both entertaining and relevant. Kudos, lem! πŸ™‚

  5. Jet Tumang says:

    To be honest about it, I think I’m starting to enjoy blogging (I’m a forum addict, not a blog writer). There is one thing that I would like to add to your pieces of advice. One of the things that I have learned is the need of consistency of posting blogs. If your blog is updated consistently, your readers would know when to expect your next blog post. Also, a regularly updated blog would gain credibility as the author starts to master the field he/she is writing about, and in turn, would slowly start to attract a lot of readers.

  6. In connection to your “stay relevant” rule, I would like to add one more.

    Be Yourself.

    As the saying goes, the most painful thing to lose is yourself. Do not attempt to change your persona merely to please an online community, This persona may be hard to maintain, especially if it “isn’t you”. People may loose interest if they see that you are merely “pretending”

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