Pass the Message: A rather simple blog for a little exercise

Basic Marketing

Let’s make this even simpler:

Send a message to a group of people

People who receive it will pass it on to others

They’ll then send the message to other people to make them send the message and the cycle continues.

Its just too good to be true. Unfortunately, its all a game of pass the message.

Pass the message is a game where… well… you pass a message. Your group usually forms a line or a circle and a message will be given to one member of the group. The message will then be passed from one person to another until everyone got the message. The fun part of this game is how the message will turn out completely different once the passing ends. What does this imply?

The model stated above is not completely true. If we factor in the human tendency to alter the message sent, just sending a message can lead to a very messy situation in the future.

Change in message can lead to:

Misinformation that could lead to many problems and issues regarding the usage of your company’s product

Misinterpretation of company’s message that can lead to misinterpretation of the company’s identity

Misuse of information leading to exploitation of altered facts, usually causing ethical issues for the company

Mishandling of arising issues could cost companies millions from a problem that isn’t supposed to happen in the first place

Just your everyday life in the internet

This problem, however dangerous, can be prevented by taking some precautionary measures:

Make your company statement clear in your company’s blogs and SMRs. Avoid vague, ambiguous, and weak words like some, most, maybe, probably, and few.

Constantly monitor “talks” about your company online.  Do not let misinformation about your company spread like wild fire. Correct all wrongs and manage your company’s image.

Do not release more information than necessary. Monitoring one message can prove to be a handful. Do not trouble yourself with more information than necessary. You may be aiming for the attention of the people, but really, it can be more trouble than its worth.

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6 Responses to Pass the Message: A rather simple blog for a little exercise

  1. I think it’s all about relationships after all. I remember reading something about dialectics that ‘maintaining’ relationships is impossible because relationships are in a flux for them to keep going; ‘maintaining’ them implies putting them in a certain state of being still. Instead, relationships are sustained in whatever stage or state they are for them to work. I think this theory goes the same with organization-customer relationships. Companies should be ready handling the ‘downs’ of their relationships with their customers since ‘down’ moments will always come. Here, communication should be properly managed and used.

    Anyway, your blog entries get me smiling. Hehe 🙂

    • melem1 says:

      Hehe thanks Jody. I agree that down moments are inevitable for every company but the impact those down times can be lessened by reinforcing the consumers who like your product. Make “people who know you”. That way, you can rest assured that when a crisis about misinformation happens; there are still people who believe in you. Sappy i know, but it works nonetheless.

  2. gj says:

    Your precautionary measures are simple, but precise. it is really all built on trust founded on honesty and sincerity, and kept alive by monitoring one’s mistakes and shortcomings, modifying these, and giving each other space, allowing them a certain level of privacy – just like in relationships.

  3. Although companies have established ways to create the most appropriate content in their online sites, many still leave one crucial thing undone — listening. Many companies have used their resources to learn about crafting the best message to uphold their image and for their specific products without constantly monitoring what others say about them online. It’s an effort that requires deliberate attention and immediate action. And only the steadfast wins.

  4. Jet Tumang says:

    Lol I remembered when I was still in biochem. My batchmate and I were on our way to PGH when we happened to see a spot where too many people were staying, My batchmate and I made fun of the situation by pretending a talk about Angel Locsin having a shooting near the area which is causing the number of people in the area. We deliberately made our voices louder. I do not know what exactly happened after, but I did remember someone saying “Did you hear that…?”. Lol.
    I haven’t watched “Money Never Sleeps” but I think your post is reflected by the movie. NSM could actually fuel the spread of altered information. Responsibility and initiative should always be shown by the organization if it wants to prevent situations like this to happen.

  5. One thing I can say about this is that winning the game of “pass the message” in any context relies on two things.

    Send your message as clearly as possible:

    It is your responsibility to make sure the message you send is what you want the other party to hear.

    Listen to what they say:

    This is also a gauge of how clearly the message has been communicated and what feedback they can give.

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