SoulMate: We’ll be together in the end.

There are somethings in life that we won’t be able to miss out. Some experience them earlier than others, some take their time, sometimes you might even be surprised.When this happens, we at SoulMate want to make sure that we’ll be there for you.Β  Just as destiny’s wheels turn, so will our ever open arms to aid you in your times of trial. You know everyone’s got to be ready to kick the bucket in style. And what better way to do it than with your SoulMate.

SoulMate offers funeral services for as low as P 40,000 with a very reasonable and negotiable down-payment. Our quality services will be sure to knock your soul off your body (Pun intended). We will make sure that you reach the other side with no worries of what’s about to happen yo your former shell.You’ll be able to rest assured up there in heaven for eternity that you’re body was in good hands. We even offer a 25% discount for senior citizens.

We also have a variety of coffins that are sure to make you’re former self looking good as ever. We’ll be sure to lay your body in one of the most comfortable places on earth. You can even choose from a variety of colors. Pinks are the new in thing right now so don’t miss out on this.

SoulMate is conveniently located in Pag-Asa, Binangonan, Rizal, just across from the local church. How convenient can that be?

Remember, we’re looking forward to meeting you πŸ™‚

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16 Responses to SoulMate: We’ll be together in the end.

  1. Goodness, this is morbidly touching! Entrepreneurs really are finding all kinds of ways to reach out to their customers. These days, you could inject humor into everything – hence this post. I think that this reflects how the public has come to be more open in terms of the messages they receive. Perhaps this approach may not be suited to the more traditional-minded person, but it would certainly be appreciated by a lot of people.

    In a way, I think this shift towards diversifying our approach to advertising and promoting is also proving to be beneficial in targeting more audiences and getting them engaged. By increasing the mediums used as well as diversifying the messages we send out, businesses can reach out to more audience the way they want to be reached. πŸ™‚

    • melem1 says:

      Traditionalists are quite the unreachable audience these days especially in the internet. Its pretty hard to make an advertisement and make it click without using humor or another form of deviation from mainstream.

      Uniqueness is the most vital feature an ad should have. And doing it all bland can hamper its effects by a mile.

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that an advertisement should always be comedic in a way. I’m just the kind of guy to get drawn by comedy and that’s why I wrote the SMR this way. A lot of other people have different tastes and its up to you to decide who are your target demographics.

  2. villongco says:

    i must say that i appreciate the pink coffin!!!

    kidding aside, the way this release was presented is very non-traditional. though considerably morbid for some, i like the way it faces the concept of death nonchalantly. there was no indirectness to the way the service was presented making it very interesting. if such style is done, i believe it has viral potential becase it can (and will) raise multiple eyebrows…

    like like like!!!

    • melem1 says:

      Attention is what you want when promoting your product. Doing advertising like how everybody else did it will not cut it especially if you’re just starting. So a little deviation from mainstream advertising is needed. And this fits the bill.

      The risk is, of course, people getting the wrong idea and thinking bad of your product for making outrageous remarks about a morbid topic. But hey, its the internet. People will “understand” XD

  3. Lem, I have told this to my friends but you really made death exciting. Try to talk to suicidals and you’re sure to sell hundreds of coffins. πŸ˜€ We not only value life but death as well. We have online burols, now we also have online sales agents of coffins. This should have come first before the e-burol! Coffins first before the wake! Haha. πŸ™‚

    • melem1 says:

      Before I react I’d just like to say, “Life is beautiful. You only live once so live it to the fullest.”

      Hehehe anyway, about online burol, maybe we can start negotiations then.

      Suicide is not a good thing. Please be Pro life everyone! (Trying to redeem myself) πŸ˜€

  4. blahblahblogsheet says:

    I like this post! I see that this is a way of giving fancy to things that are usually boring. They deviated from the usual humorless advertisements of people in this business (which is good). I believe that this is one implication of how social media gives us an avenue to put out this things.

  5. shecainess says:

    when we first talked about this i didn’t think you were serious. remeber how aira and i laughed about it? this SMR i believe deserves the highest of fives! your tagline “Remember, we’re looking forward to meeting you” was surely funny and likewise creepy. it was tastefully done and with so much respect.

    • melem1 says:

      Thank you Ate Shecai. I didn’t think I was serious myself. Glad it worked out well (at least i think it did.)

      Haha highest of fives? Hope that’s not a failing mark XD

  6. Marj Casal says:

    I have a question first, does the 25% discount for senior citizens apply to both dead or alive? Haha! Anyway, I just heard you talking about this last week. I didn’t know you made an SMR for this thing! My gowd! It’s not like you have to endorse it, we’ll all die anyway. Haha. But I guess the color choices of the coffins (and the brand name) will help them outperform other “traditional” funeral chapels. It’s nice to know that right now, some people are making this unfortunate event (for some) as something light, helping the loved ones left behind to somehow ease the pain. Well, I do hope.

    • melem1 says:

      Sorry to inform you but its only for the dead. Can’t have people hoarding discounted coffins now can we? Well, there are competition so even if there’s an endless amount of customers, we really should make an effort to be known.

      This is what we get for being in a capitalist society. For better or worse? You be the judge πŸ™‚

  7. Grace says:

    Daaamn! So even in death, we customize, huh? LOL. I shall have a hot pink coffin when I die. Although I don’t know if that’s appropriate. Hahaha!
    I like your approach in this. Talking about death is uncomfortable to some but here it seems like something that’s normal. The come hither approach in this is both amusing and cool.

    • But death is a normal thing. I don’t see why some people can’t understand that. Honestly, I’d be less afraid of the ghost of the deceased than someone who couldn’t die. That’s just plain wrong/

  8. Random fact, I’m not afraid of dying. And by the looks of you post, your not either :).

    The way you talk about death so casually makes me think that you too do not fear death. I like the way you wrote this. Check may facebook page if you have time. I have a note in there somewhere describing my ideal death.

    Well, I better save that number. I’m still having second thoughts about my ideal coffin.

  9. discraft says:

    I like that you took this risk Lemuel. It’s not the SMR I have a take on though. It’s the concept of making everything into a joke. We’ve discussed this in class and it apparently is a new trend. It’s just that, we Filipinos have had that concept since before, we laugh at problems and all. But, some Media practitioners seem to take advantage of this and blind people from the more pressing matters. I just saw this local show trailer with Carmina Villaroel. She gave a sarcastic remark on an Internet talent that “she couldn’t understand anything he said,” and everyone found it funny. But, to me, what she said was not funny at all. Because she was right, you couldn’t understand anything the talent said. But, why did the viewers find that funny? What if he was handicapped? What if youth today are growing up to talk like him na pala? Isn’t that problematic? Humor is great, but Filipinos have to learn where to draw the line. Especially, now that we do not have Laws governing those types of remarks. Nonetheless, this was a good take, Lem!

  10. yanyandf says:

    wow ang angas naman nito sa binangonan pa! whoooo rak en rol! πŸ˜€

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